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Rapid ROI, quick paybacks and deliver savings right from day one

Government departments and local authorities are expected to show leadership in the world of carbon reduction. And yet, they are faced with a huge challenge: how to deliver on CO2 targets whilst hit with increasingly stretched budgets? At Aimteq, we believe our controls strategies ensure best value for the public purse.
Combining rapid ROI, quick paybacks and guaranteed savings right from day one, we use our expertise to deliver on national and local-level CO2 and cost saving objectives. And, if you want funding to ensure your project gets off the ground – we can help with the Salix Finance application process.

Services for central government

By implementing simple and effective energy saving measures and controls strategies across your estate we can add significant benefits to your bottom line:

  • Precise temperature control increases staff and building-user comfort – and reduces energy consumption
  • Detailed analytics can help target underperforming sites
  • Reports and analytics aid environmental and H&S compliance requirements
  • Contribution to behavioural change programmes through energy dashboards
Lighting control

We can control your lighting levels based on time of day, operating hours or light level, providing significant energy savings.

Precise temperature control

Adding precise temperature control to your buildings improves visitor and staff comfort levels, and increases productivity.

HVAC replacement planning

Through the monitoring of space temperatures across your estate, CAPEX planning for HVAC replacements can be aided.

Remote diagnostics

Our remote diagnostics can reduce call-outs by pinpointing faults and allowing confirmation of successful repairs before an engineer leaves site – reducing further costly visits.

Cultural change/education

We can provide cultural change or staff education programmes through the use of energy dashboards. These provide staff with an insight into your organisation’s energy usage and encourage good habits.

Data analytics

We provide detailed analytics across large estates, showing energy consumption changes, equipment failure rates, CO2 and much more.

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