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We know precisely how important it is for our data centre customers to ensure maximum up-time and uninterrupted continuity of service. Anything less risks damage to reputation and brand.
Our DCEM solution includes advanced supervisory software, which monitors all environmental conditions and power usage across the data centre. This includes thermal mapping to identify airflow management issues and dashboards to display KPIs such as PUE. We also supply an advanced final circuit monitoring system, which is ideal for co-location DCs to enable direct billing for energy usage and to monitor real-time power usage and “hotspots”.

Data centre specific solutions

Our carbon management strategies and world-class portfolio of controls technologies will help you to run your estate at optimum efficiency:

  • Remote alarm management & diagnostics for critical plant
  • Temperature monitoring to ensure longevity of equipment life and up-time – at room, cabinet and internal cabinet levels
  • Control strategies across multiple air handling units – to ensure optimum energy usage
  • Remote diagnostics – to enable predictive maintenance and alarms should critical plant fail
  • Participation in Government DSR initiatives (STOR and TRIAD) – through remote control of generations assets
  • Final circuit monitoring to Class 1 standards for billing and utilisation calculations
Comprehensive temperature monitoring

We can monitor the temperature within your data centres at room, cabinet and internal cabinet levels to ensure longevity of equipment life and uptime.

Control strategies

Control strategies can be deployed across multiple CRAC units to ensure optimum energy usage.

Remote diagnostics

Our remote diagnostics enable predictive maintenance and alarms should critical plant fail.

Demand side response (DSR)

We can help you participate in government DSR initiatives such as STOR. TRIAD and frequency response via remote control of generation assets is also possible.

Final circuit monitoring (Class 1)

Our final circuit monitoring allows accurate monitoring and reporting of power consumption to racks and sub-circuits in data centres and can even be retrofitted to live systems.


We can accurately track the temperature and humidity within your data centers on an aisle, cabinet or rack level. Exceptional levels can trigger alarms.

More on heat mapping...

Heat mapping can be a great tool for data centre operators and managers. Not only can it be used to track the temperature and humidity to highlight critical levels, but it can also be used as a tool to plan the deployment of hardware, resulting in greater efficiency gains for your data centre PUE. Imagine the benefit of identifying the inherently cooler areas of a data centre, enabling the optimal distribution of new hardware deployment, but with minimal cooling required.

We endorse the European Code of Conduct

The European Code of Conduct for Data Centres programme is a voluntary initiative managed by the Joint Research Centre (JRC), the European Commission’s in-house science service. The CoC exists to inform and stimulate operators and owners to reduce energy consumption in a cost-effective manner without hampering the critical function of data centres.

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