Energy Management

Delivering energy management solutions that work

Our energy management services deliver real business benefits and rapid ROI through significant energy savings and reduced operational costs.

Using intelligence gathered from your BMS and our energy management strategies, we can:

  • Reduce carbon footprint and energy consumption
  • Improve operational and plant efficiency
  • Reduce legislative burden (we can aid in compliance with CRC, ESOS and more)
  • Deliver Demand Side Response strategies
  • Reduce energy surcharges (DUoS and TRIAD)
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Energy management solutions

Sequencing strategies
We can review, modify and fine tune your sequencing strategies to include all plant - boilers, chillers, heater batteries. We can provide 'on-demand' operation of plant to ensure you maximise on the low-tariff periods.
Energy saving strategies
We can define specific and measureable energy saving strategies for your business, allowing you to use a minimal amount of energy whilst maintaining an optimum environment.

Sometimes it is necessary to bill tenants for their own energy use (perhaps a station café). We provide sub-metering strategies which ensure you can track energy use and re-invoice accordingly.

Matching occupancy profiles

We’ll make sure your time schedules automatically adapt to accommodate patterns of building usage and operational requirements.

Start/stop time planning

We can help you decide the most appropriate start and stop times for plant and equipment based on requirements and tariffs.

Sensor calibration

By comparing measured values using calibrated meters and BMS sensors, we are able to ensure the BMS sensors are within tolerance.

Operational status

Improving operational efficiency – reducing site call-outs, and identifying equipment failures – is often a key objective. In addition to lighting and HVAC, we can monitor the operational status of a wide range of plant and equipment at stations, on platforms and in depots. This saves time, money and labour.

Pump & motor efficiency

We can implement demand-based control strategies for pump and fan inverters. We’ll make sure this is in tune with occupancy patterns and heating demand.

Demand side response


Aimteq can help you to mitigate higher red band energy tariffs by optimising your BMS to use less electricity during peak hours without adversely affecting operational effectiveness.


We can help you to reduce triad charges by reducing or shifting consumption during the Triad period. This is achieved without adversely affecting operational effectiveness. We can also implement various demand response strategies, depending on local regulations.


STOR unlocks hidden flexibility in existing equipment and enables companies to earn income from it by reducing energy consumption at times of high national demand. Our technology, in conjunction with an aggregator partner, allows you to earn revenue from STOR payments.

Load shedding

Our load shedding strategies can help reduce DUoS charges. We ensure that electrical consumption magnitude remains within acceptable limits. Plant components can be shut down without excessively disturbing operating processes.

Customer savings

BT - 11% Saved
BT - 11% Saved
Boots - 13% Saved
Boots - 13% Saved
Matalan - 17% Saved
Matalan - 17% Saved
Tui - 26% Saved
Tui - 26% Saved

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