Remote Management

See the complete picture, across multiple sites

We can help your organisation to take control of its energy costs by monitoring lighting, heating and air conditioning equipment. This means we can identify wastage (and the sources of energy waste) across multiple sites and make instant savings.

This gives us a complete picture of your estate’s energy usage, allowing us to help you to make informed decisions. Here’s how we can help your organisation:

  • Provide a complete picture of energy use
  • Identify and eliminate sources of energy waste
  • Optimise schedules and plant for maximum efficiency
  • Improve building comfort levels for staff, users and visitors
A view over the Aimteq remote management centre, showing several staff  using energy management software

Support services

Remote fix and engineer callouts

Depending on how you want to work with us (and the amount of in-house resource you have), we provide several levels of support: we can relay issues to your site FM team; provide a remote fix if possible; or send a qualified engineer to site.

Energy audits

We offer comprehensive energy audits to identify savings opportunities. Our system can be deployed as a temporary monitoring package to assist with the analysis of current usage patterns.

Consultancy services

We add value wherever we can. We can even provide a range of consultancy services to help you turn utility overheads into increased profits.

Fault diagnosis

Using intelligence gained from your environment, or by interfacing directly with your plant, we can remotely diagnose faults in plant and have them flagged with your FM provider.

Reporting services

Alarm reporting

Our alarm reporting enables you to view incidents estate-wide and drill down to the site level for a more detailed analysis. Alarms are intelligently prioritised and redirected as appropriate.

Health & safety analysis
We help to ensure you have all the data you need – and in the format you need it – to meet the requirements of increasingly stringent health and safety legislation such as RIS-7702 and RIS-7700.
Energy dashboards
We create custom dashboards that provide easy access to key information. This interface can be configured to display metrics such as daily consumption vs. baseline figure, week vs. week performance, and quarterly consumption vs. target consumption.
Customised reports
Our in-house Energy Services team creates regular reports on your energy use and trends in consumption. We can even customise these to meet your own management reporting requirements.
Legislative compliance
Carbon and energy legislation increasingly requires precise and regular reporting. We can provide the data in the format needed for legal compliance.


Energy optimisation

Once we’re connected to your BMS, we can monitor occupancy or patterns, internal and external temperatures as well as light levels. This data allows us to optimise your sites to be as energy efficient as possible.

Changes to settings

Sometimes operating hours can change, either permanently or seasonally (for things like Christmas or altered shift patterns). We can change your settings globally for you, removing any hassle and ensuring your sites are still well managed.

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