Making retail work smarter

A combination of high energy costs, expensive legislative ‘red tape’ and complex estate management of multi-site operations drives the need for controls in the retail sector.
Our BMS, energy and remote management services can help your business to operate more efficiently – and deliver maximum return to your bottom line. All of this is achieved with minimal disruption to trading and without compromising customer comfort. Your energy management is in safe hands.

Retail specific services

Our energy management strategies and world-class portfolio of controls technologies will help you to run your retail estate at optimum efficiency:

  • Site-wide visibility of energy use
  • Perfectly optimised store temperature
  • Detailed analytics to target underperforming stores
  • Reports and analytics to aid legislative compliance
  • Strategies to avoid energy surcharges (DUoS and TRIAD)
Lighting Control

We can control your lighting levels based on time of day, trading hours or light level, providing significant energy savings.

Precise Temperature Control

We can control your store temperature precisely, increasing customer satisfaction and revenue, as well as reducing energy consumption.

HVAC Replacement Planning

Through the monitoring of store temperatures across your estate, CAPEX planning for HVAC replacements can be implemented.

Remote Diagnostics

Our remote diagnastics can reduce call-outs by pinpointing faults and allowing confirmation of successful repairs before an engineer leaves site – reducing further costly visits.

Equipment Monitoring

We can monitor your critical equipment, things such as security alarms being left off or freezer doors being left open. This can highlight when staff training or new processes may be required.

Cultural Change / Education

We can provide cultural change or staff education programmes through the use of energy dashboards. These provide staff with an insight into your organisation’s energy usage and encourage good habits.

Critical Logging & Reporting

We can log and report data for areas that require critical temperature control for compliance reasons, for example, within pharmacy areas.

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