Maintain your environment, save energy and monitor critical alarms

No one understands the telco world like we do. Having deployed alarm monitoring and energy management systems at over 5,500 BT sites, we are better placed than anyone to address the special requirements of this sector. We know precisely how important it is for our customers to ensure maximum up-time and uninterrupted continuity of service. Anything less risks damage to reputation and brand.
We achieve all of this, and more, thanks to our dedicated energy management strategies for telco businesses. We help you to run, manage and maintain your estate in a smarter, more ‘intelligent’ way. Not only can we minimise the incident of critical plant failures, we can dramatically improve site-wide your visibility of energy use – thus ensuring easy comparisons on site-by-site basis.

Telecommunications specific services

Our carbon management strategies and world-class portfolio of controls technologies will help you to run
your telco estate at optimum efficiency:

  • Optimum temperature control for critical equipment
  • Remote alarm management & diagnostics for critical plant
  • Sub-metering strategies
  • Extensive insights and analytics into exchange performance – across all weather conditions
  • Extensive analytics and reporting of energy, equipment and environmental patterns (within an exchange, in a single room or across the whole estate)
  • Reporting on seasonal weather variations – and impacts on equipment
Environmental control & monitoring

Full monitoring & control of the environment within every area of an exchange or room, with remote alarm management should critical temperatures or humidity be exceeded

Remote alarm management

We can monitor alarms that are output from your critical plant, things like HVAC, back-up batteries or generators.

Preventative maintenance

We can collect data that enables us to implement predictive maintenance regimes for your plant or equipment.

Data analytics

Our analytics can highlight vulnerabilities to seasonal weather within your estate, enabling you to target ageing or faulty plant.


Our sub-metering solution provides an insight into exchange energy consumption and performance across all weather conditions.

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