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We’ll take you on a journey towards optimised building management

Aimteq can take away all of the hassle associated with energy management, leaving you to focus on your core business activities. We promise maximum estate-wide building efficiency coupled with rapid ROI.
Our pro-active approach is simple: we aim to add value and ‘intelligence’ at every step of your carbon reduction journey. What’s more, our understanding of your sector helps us to deliver controls strategies and tools that are designed specifically for the rail and transport sector.

Transport specific services

Our carbon management strategies and world-class portfolio of controls technologies will help you to run your estate at optimum efficiency:

  • Intelligent control strategies which ensure optimum environment for staff and customers
  • Detailed analytics to target underperforming sites
  • Reports and analytics to aid legislative compliance
  • Remote monitoring of critical equipment at stations, depots and offices
  • Remotely managed fault detection for 3rd party equipment (CCTV, ticket machines, barriers and fire-systems)

For your depots

Depot & garage doors

We can interface with your garage or depot doors, so that if the doors are left open, your heating will shut off – stopping you throwing cash right out the door.

Air compressor monitoring

Monitoring air compressor run time before and after set point changes to the head pressure can contribute to significant energy savings. Savings can be achieved through reduced compressor run time.

Asset condition monitoring

Installing local meters enables us to profile the current in amps on a real-time display. This provides the backbone of effective plant condition monitoring and highlights where predictive plant maintenance is needed.

Water tank monitoring

Level monitoring of water tanks provides a clear status (and alarm) if tank levels are too high or too low. This can be linked back to our reporting suite, Enterprise Manager.

For your stations

Station lighting

Lighting can be controlled with reference to presence, light level, security and time of day. For example, we can re-configure your lighting circuits into selected zones, allowing certain zones to be dimmed during off-peak or non-operational times. Lux levels can be maintained in line with current health and safety guidelines for the rail sector.

Waiting room temperatures

We can ensure that unmanned rooms such as waiting rooms are maintained at the required temperature, and that they’re not heated unnecessarily.

Timetable matching

We can match space temperature schedules and lighting schedules to match with your current timetables, ensuring that your stations are safe and plant is only running when required.

Remote fault reporting

CCTV, ticket machines, barriers, fire systems – they go wrong from time-to-time. Using our remote fault reporting, we can interrogate these items and provide intelligence, allowing you or your FM team to have the fault repaired at minimal cost.

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