I’m sure the bright orange image above this post has given up the big news already, but just in case you missed it (how?), we’ve recently become a Trend Controls Systems Integrator.

We’re delighted to be able to add Trend Controls to our list of other fantastic BMS manufacturer partners. Trend’s huge market share here in the UK will allow us to provide BMS installation services to new customers and contractors, as well as providing an enhanced set of services to our diverse customer portfolio.

Looking for help with a new Trend BEMS system or maintenance of a current system?

Whilst this development is fairly new, many of our BMS engineers are already trained on the design, install and maintenance of Trend BEMS systems. If you have a BMS project, an upgrade project or a maintenance requirement that you’d like us to take a look at, you can get in touch using the quote request here.

Looking for a Trend BEMS system Bureau?

If you’re already a happy Trend BEMS system owner,  but require some help optimising your system, reducing your maintenance budget, or improving the control in your environment, we can also connect your Trend system to our bureau service, the ROC.