We’re pleased to announce that following a three-year relationship and a tender process that involved several other BMS companies, Aimteq has secured an exclusive agreement with Pizza Hut to install wireless BEMS across their estate.

Simon Wood, Head of Sales at Aimteq commented “Following the tender process, all BMS companies involved were evaluated on the same key decision drivers – savings achieved, feedback from restaurants, system development and cost of installation. Thanks to a lot of hard work from our multi-site team and our product partner WEMS, we were able to deliver on all fronts.”

Simon continued, “Following our success we might take a moment’s rest, enjoy some Pizza at our local Hut and then get back to the planning phase of the project.”

Richard Bates, Field Facilities Manager at Pizza Hut said “As part of our evaluation process we conducted a survey of all installed sites. In the restaurants where Aimteq had installed, the staff were very complimentary of both the technology and the installation team as well as the support staff at Aimteq.”

Richard added, “another major factor in our decision was future development. Following some consultation with Aimteq, we’re not only reducing our bottom line energy consumption, but also intelligently switching plant during peak DUoS periods to avoid costly surcharges levied by the local TNO. It’s this forward thinking that made Aimteq and WEMS the logical choice for this project.”

The first half of the install will take place this year, with Aimteq’s multi-site team aiming to deliver the first half of the installs by December. Aimteq project manager, Darren Blower commented: “We’ve installed in thousands of buildings over the years and our speed of roll-out coupled with the wireless technology supplied by WEMS helps our clients see a return on their investment as soon as possible. With Pizza Hut we want to achieve the same great roll-out experience and help them meet their energy goals as soon as possible.”

Image: some of the Aimteq guys enjoying a celebratory slice at the local Hut in Stockport