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Here at Aimteq we’ve got a wealth of experience in energy management in all sorts of buildings…and that now includes huts – Pizza Huts to be specific.

Over the last twelve months we’ve been installing WEMS wireless BEMS at Pizza Hut restaurants across the country and our bureau services team have been working hard to optimise the BEMS to achieve an ideal environment for Pizza Hut at the lowest possible energy consumption.

Whilst the installation of a BEMS into a retail/restaurant environment isn’t a new innovation, it’s our choice of technology that’s really made the difference to Pizza Hut. The WEMS wireless BEMS allowed us to install during opening hours, with minimal disruption and no down-time to any Pizza Hut stores, something that’s vital in the restaurant business.

Another vital aspect is our bureau service, which Alex Wells, Energy Manager at Pizza Hut summarises well, “You get through to a real person straight away and changes are made quickly”, Alex continues, “Furthermore, the bureau/helpdesk service offers fantastic customer service, and importantly, is operates 24/7; longer than any of the bureau services we researched.”

For more information on our BEMS installations or our bureau services, please call 0161 475 1777, email us via our contact page or, or just drop in for a chat, a coffee and perhaps a slice of pizza.

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