Page Last Updated: 18th March 2020, 3:00pm

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We’re still operating as normal

The first thing you need to know is that we’re still operating as normal. All our engineers are still performing their everyday tasks – visiting sites, installing new BMS systems and maintaining incumbent systems. All three of our offices are open and we’re going about our business as usual, albeit remotely in some cases.

The ROC, our bureau, is still open and is continuing to take inbound calls and perform remote tasks and optimisation as usual.

We’re currently following all advice from the Government, and are tracking the updates to Public Health England’s dedicated Coronavirus guidance page.


Following Monday’s announcement by the Prime Minister, all our staff that can work from home are doing so. We’ve been building on our robust Business Continuity planning for the last couple of weeks and we were well prepared for the announcement. Indeed, our plans were externally audited earlier this month and confirmed that the contingencies that we’ve put in place to secure the continuity of our business were sound.

As is currently stands, homeworking does not include our engineering staff. They will continue to visit sites as required.

Homeworking currently includes:

  • Admin, Finance & HR staff
  • Sales & Marketing staff
  • Project Managers, where applicable
  • The ROC
  • Stores, where applicable


We’re equipped to continue serving our customers under contract at the ROC with no loss of service. As part of our Business Continuity planning, we’re able to de-camp to a secondary site if we need to or to completely disband and work from home, with no loss of service to you – which is exactly what’s happened in this scenario.

Key contact details

All our usual phone numbers are still operating as normal, somebody is still going to answer the phone and help you with your query.

Area Department Phone number Email
Stockport ROC 0845 241 1960
Stockport Projects & Maintenance 0161 475 1777
Cirencester Support, Projects & Maintenance 01285 655 772
London Support, Projects & Maintenance 020 3872 8222


Questions that we have been asked…

How do I significantly reduce energy consumption in my buildings, if they are not being used as much or at all?

If you’re one of our ROC customers, get in touch and together we can start planning how we can help.

In recent days we have worked hard to offer some accelerated services that will significantly reduce your energy consumption. We also have a process of making sure these savings are maintained, even with a reduced number of people using your buildings.

If you are closing altogether then we plan to use our Christmas Shut Down procedures and will closely monitor your sites to ensure this significant drop in energy is maintained.

These processes will help us ensure that your sites aren’t using energy whilst you’re not using them, that they’re safe, and that the fabric of the building is maintained.

What if we need to halt a project?

If we’re currently working on a project for you, get in touch with your regional office ASAP. We are planning to work on design and software tasks remotely to make sure your project stays on track as much as possible.

What if we need to amend normal maintenance visits?

If you need to close a site or several, we will work with you to re-arrange your visit for a time and date that suits you. As we have said above, we will amend software to make sure your site runs smoothly and efficiently as possible in this time of social distancing. Any PPM tasks that can be carried out remotely, will be.

If this causes further implications for future service delivery, we can discuss at the time, or when more appropriate.