I’m pleased to announce our latest case study is now live and available for download. The case study covers our installations at Go-Ahead Group’s bus depots throughout the country where we’ve been tasked with reducing gas consumption and controlling their environment.

Bus depots, as you can imagine are pretty ‘rough and ready’ places. Although their heating systems aren’t complex, saving gas in such an environment could be an issue without the right control system. For example, some of the depots operate on a 24 hour shift basis, so the minimising of disruption to daily operation was of paramount importance for Go-Ahead. With that in mind, we recommended the WEMS wireless BEMS – it provided the level of control that Go-Ahead were looking for, and because of it’s wireless make-up, we could install during normal operating hours, with no downtime or out of hours access required.

See how we helped Go-Ahead save an impressive 30% on their gas consumption by downloading our case study below.


Get the Go-Ahead case study

Aimteq Go-Ahead case study download