It’s fantastic to see the new Aimteq website go live. Bringing together the solutions/project delivery side of the Wireless Energy Management International (WEMS)  business (now called Aimteq Solutions) and Aimteq Energy Management business under one roof has created an exciting set of capabilities to take to the market.

We also wish our new sister company (Wireless Energy Management Ltd) well in delivering its innovative BEMS solutions to systems integrators (one of which will be Aimteq) both in the UK and overseas.

The ability to deliver the best available solutions from a range of suppliers into the full range of building types is an exciting prospect, but with a combined experience of nearly 40 business years between the two businesses it’s one that I know will be taken in our stride.

With over 6,000 sites already installed by the two business and a  proven national maintenance,  support and energy management capability the future looks very positive for Aimteq indeed.