Support for your legacy BMS Systems ends in








Legacy Product Deadline UK & Ireland – 6th April 2020

What’s happening?

Schneider Electric are simplifying their product range in the UK & Ireland and will be offering only EcoStruxure branded BMS hardware products going forward. This means that any legacy BMS hardware from Satchwell, TAC and Andover will be unavailable. 

Why is it happening?

Fact is, some of these legacy systems have been around for quite some time now. Schneider pointed towards difficulties in the component industry, where constituent parts for legacy equipment is incredibly hard to get hold of. Schneider also mentioned the risk that aged software provides too. Mitigating these risks can be an ongoing battle to repair cyber security vulnerabilities and protect against external threats. Some of these systems were first designed in the early 2000s, maintaing them moving forward would be ill-advised and incredibly costly.

There are other factors to include too, particularly on the head-end software side of things. Many legacy systems still rely heavily on Windows 7 operating systems, or Windows Server 2008 to run correctly. Businesses like Schneider are required to keep their products compliant with Microsoft’s Operating Systems, but when those operating systems themselves become obsolete, it represents a huge security risk for the end user and a massive development headache for a developer like Schneider Electric.

Don’t worry…

This day has been coming a long time. Schneider Electric have thought things through, and there is a structured way to migrate to a new platform and mitigate your risks.

What can you do to mitigate the risks?

Option 1 – Stockpile

You can stockpile as much hardware as you can afford and replace old bits of kit when they break. We wouldn’t recommend this route. For starters, the hardware available will be limited, and likely expensive. Also, the software required to run the hardware will eventually become obsolete, leaving you in the same position all over again – at risk.

Option 2 – Structured Upgrades

We can help you along a structured upgrade pathway. This involves installing a new head-end on your site and running it alongside your legacy one. We can then start to transition the hardware on your site in a planned, cost-effective fashion. We’ll take it area by area, using old hardware as spares for any areas that are yet to be transitioned.


Have a quick scan over our BMS upgrade brochure for more information.  If you’d like help with upgrading your BMS, you can request a quote here. If you’d just a like a quick, informal chat, hop on over to our contact page, or call us on 0161 475 1777.