DW Sports Fitness Case Study

DW Sports Fitness installs wireless BEMS & saves 17% on their energy

DW Sports Fitness gyms had made some inroads by addressing the ‘low hanging fruit’ but knew the real energy efficiency solutions involved taking greater control of plant – that’s where we stepped in to help. We installed a wireless BMS at multiple DW Sports Fitness sites across the UK.

This case study contains:
  • Intro
  • Wire-free technology
  • Instant ROI

Dan Hubbard

Utilities & Property Systems Manager, DW Sports Fitness

“For us, technology must be a safe investment, must not affect the customer experience in our fitness centres, and must go on in the background so as not to cause distraction or disruption. For these reasons, Aimteq’s installation of a wireless solution such as the WEMS one made perfect sense.”

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