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We save energy, prevent costly visits to sites, analyse and report on millions of data points each and every week.

Our state-of-the-art bureau, The ROC is the centre of our vision of delivering value to our customers. From our facility in Stockport, we are remotely connected to over 1,700 locations across Europe and remotely manage and control hundreds of thousands of building assets across the private and public sectors.

ROC Connections diagram, showing Siemens, Schneider Electric, Trend, Tridium and WEMS BMS systems connected back to the ROC

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three support products for your building or business

First-line support for your buildings

BMS Tech Support is an on-demand service that gives you access to our skilled BMS Tech Support team when you call the ROC. It is designed to provide front-line BMS support for single or multi-site estates. The ROC can provide cover for your business 24/7, so whether your business is selling clothes between 9 am and 5 pm, fixing buses on a 24-hour shift pattern or carrying out urgent operations, we’ve got you covered.

Ad-hoc schedule changes

From time-to-time, your BMS schedules are going to change. As you make changes to your building’s operating or opening times, you need time schedules to transition in-line with your building’s usage. Verification that the lights are on and the temperature is correct during your hours of operation is critical to operating any business. The ROC team can apply schedule changes to your BMS in an instant, ensuring your environment is safe and comfortable and where possible, your energy consumption is kept to a minimum.

Enquiries, queries and basic amendments

If your lights aren’t on, or the temperature in your building is out with predefined limits, it’s handy to have somebody to turn to, to investigate and provide support/amendments. The staff at the ROC are on-hand 24/7 to help with any problems that you may have with your BMS. Our remote fixes reduce the need to send an expensive engineer to site and can resolve the issue quicker, providing a maintenance cost saving and an improved first-time fix rate.

Control your environment & maximise your maintenance budget

Command & Control from the ROC is designed for building and estate managers that are looking to control their environment, reduce downtime and maximise their maintenance budgets.

The team at the ROC can remotely maintain and support your BMS system, ensuring that your operating environment is kept at an optimal level. Furthermore, we can deliver vital plant and environmental intelligence to your internal teams or 3rd party contractors to improve first-time fix rates, target problem areas and reduce truck-rolls to a minimum.

Environmental issues

We can help manage any environmental issues with your building management system. If temperatures within your spaces are outside of set parameters, we can interrogate your BMS remotely and provide fixes where possible. Where a fix isn’t possible, because the root cause of the problem is outside of our control, intelligence can be provided to you, or your 3rd party contractors to bring the environment back into correct working order.

Equipment testing

From time-to-time, plant on your sites may fail. Often, this plant is connected to your BMS, but is serviced and maintained by 3rd party contractors – FM teams, HVAC or lighting contractors for example.

Aimteq are on-hand for your contractors, and can provide remote testing to ensure that any repaired or replaced plant is connected to your BMS as required and is working correctly across all functions.

Customer plant monitoring

Aside from being on-hand to test equipment on behalf of your contractors, the ROC team can also pro-actively monitor your plant for any problems as they arise. Our staff can report faults from your plant back to your internal engineering teams or direct to your preferred contractor.

BMS issues

The team here at the ROC provide remote day-to-day maintenance of your building management system. Our highly-skilled staff ensure that your strategies are working, that I/O points are reporting and operating correctly and that your BMS networks are operating as they should be.

Remote connection issues

To leverage the power of your BMS and access its vital energy, control logs and critical alarms, some form of external communication is required. This often takes the form of a dedicated broadband line, a VPN to your internal network or a 4G connection. Setting up and maintaining these connections often takes specialist knowledge, which the ROC can provide. Our staff are on-hand to help with initial specification, set-up and maintenance, whatever your connection preference.

Environment override issues

Local plant overrides are not only costly but can have a detrimental effect on your environment too. Whilst the override itself isn’t a problem, it’s understanding why the BMS strategy was overridden in the first place which can deliver real value. The team in the ROC can log and collate overrides affecting your environment and dig deeper to investigate their root cause. This could be a dilapidation issue, underspecified plant or perhaps just a staff training requirement. Once understood, we can help you put-in-place tactics or strategies to reduce overrides and bring your environment back into line.

Seasonal changes

Many businesses need temperature setpoints changing on a seasonal basis, whether it’s amending heating setpoints during the winter, or cooling setpoints during the summer. The staff at the ROC can make changing these parameters quick and easy, whether you have one large site, or several sites spread across an entire region or even nationwide.

Seasonal changes can also be applied for special events, such as extended operating hours during peak periods of manufacture in an industrial environment, or for late night opening in a retail site.

Reduce energy consumption and legislative burden

Our Energy Optimisation services are ideal for those with multi-site estates that feel the pressure of energy, legislation and surcharge costs. Managing a large estate across an entire region or country is hard enough, without the hassle of having to understand the intricacies of a BMS system and the constant optimisation it can require to maintain an efficient state.

That’s where we can help. The teams in The ROC are experts in balancing your comfort whilst wringing out every drop of energy savings from your buildings. Using our expertise and tools, we can protect your estate from incurring unnecessary energy costs and deliver energy savings with an impressive return on investment.

Energy override issues

Staff locally overriding your BMS strategy or putting your equipment ‘into hand’ can not only have a negative effect on your comfort levels and environment but can be incredibly costly from an energy perspective. Unfortunately, these added energy costs can be exacerbated by further surcharges such as DUoS or TRIAD charges.

Fortunately, the ROC has the answer. Our teams can monitor and interrogate your BMS system for overrides, resetting them and restoring your BMS to its optimised state where possible, and managing around potential site issues where it isn’t.

High energy usage issues

We continually monitor your site’s energy consumption and use your own average consumption to seek-out anomalies and over-consuming time periods. When combined with internal and external air temperature values, the teams in the ROC can effectively target your worst performing and at-risk sites to drastically reduce your energy consumption.

Data analytics

Our analytics teams can collect data from multiple different sources, transform, analyse and present it to you in a manner that’s easy to understand and can be used to help drive decision-making.

Further to the collection, understanding and presentation of the data, our tools and experience help us identify missing or broken data, preventing you from implementing an incorrect strategy, and putting your environment and energy spend at risk.


BMS systems aren’t a simple ‘fit and forget’ product. The way you use your buildings through the course of their lifecycle changes on an on-going basis. Your building’s requirements change based on a variety of different reasons, from changes in seasons and weather, to changes in use or staffing levels. All of these require optimisations in your BMS system’s strategy. The teams in the ROC are on-hand to make the adjustments to your systems to make sure your environment is ideal, but most importantly, that your energy consumption and savings are protected and augmented.

Remote support for bluechip organisations

Stagecoach Bus UK
Islington Council
Rolls Royce
Rolls Royce
Pizza Hut
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Dorset NHS Trust
Dorset NHS Trust
Merseyside Police logo
Stagecoach Bus UK
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Dorset NHS Trust
Rolls Royce
Pizza Hut
A member of the ROC team inspecting a customer report

Service level agreements & key performance indicators

Being measureable and accountable is hugely important to us. Before we welcome new clients into the ROC, we agree upon a service level agreement and set of KPIs. We keep our own standard SLAs and KPIs that you can accept, or we can work with you to establish a method of measurement anad availability that suit your business; after all, no single building or business is exactly the same.

A member of the ROC team

Bigger than your average bureau…

The ROC operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 364 days of the year. We have 22 members of staff dedicated to a number of tasks, from answering your support calls, proactivley seeking out energy saving opportunities, producing energy reports and optimising your BMS strategies.

Matalan store interior


Client Focus //

Matalan Retail Limited

We’d like to thank the Matalan team for working with Aimteq to redesign the existing service agreement to construct this innovative service offering that enables a much more intelligent building based approach to BMS Maintenance, Building Environmental Monitoring and energy management.

“this new agreement builds upon the strong relationship we have with Aimteq and our commitment to sustainability supporting our strategy in being the Value Retailer of choice for our customers”

Stephen Roots, Matalan

The Aimteq Remote Operations Centre (ROC) and Aimteq field teams will optimise the services to make sure the estate keeps within its agreed parameters. The contract enables a benefits arrangement to be activated around the savings that are realised through the new approach.

Frequently asked questions

I’ve already got a bureau service from another supplier; can I move to yours instead?

Yes, we have a methodology for on-boarding sites from other suppliers. It’s something we do regularly with some of the large retailers that we work with.

How many sites can you support?

As many as required. We currently have clients with as few as one building and others with hundreds of sites.

I have multiple BMS systems across my estate, can you work with them all?

We support the five of the biggest and most widely adopted BMS manufacturers in the world, Trend, Siemens, Schneider Electric, Tridium and WEMS. If your BMS system is one of their contemporary or legacy systems, it’s more than likely we can connect to and support your site(s). If your BMS is from another manufacurer, don’t fret, we may be able to help provide a solution for remote connection and support. Just get in touch with us here, and we can discuss your options.

How do you price your services?

We price your bureau services based upon a BMS point count. It’s much more effective to use this method, (rather than simple building size) because it provides a simple measure of controls intensity at your site, i.e. you can have a large site with little relativley little control and a small site with a large amount of control intensity. Using building size as a a pricing metric would result in an over-inflated pricing structure.

What contract lengths do you offer?

It’s entirely dependant upon your requirements. We have several clients on single-year contracts and others on multi-year contracts, with our longest contract currently being five years. 

What happens at the end of the contract?

Obviously we’d love you to stay with us and renew for a new period. But we also understand that budgets have a funny way of shifting and being reallocated. Our bureau sales team can work with you to re-work your contract if required. We can also issue shorter term contracts to cover gaps between budgets, or for sites that are being retired, or new sites coming online part-way through a contract.

Do all of my sites need to be covered in the contract?

No, not at all. Sometimes it can work out cheaper on a per site basis if you have more sites, depending on the price breaks. Having said that, we also understand that you may just want to cover your critical or flagship sites, or perhaps just your worst performing sites (from an energy or environmental persepctive).

What our customers think...

TransPennine Express logo

Environment & Emergency Planning Manager

“...there is a distinct downward trend in energy usage across all sites. Indeed, the figures show the lowest energy consumption for five years over comparable periods for those stations that haven’t had major infrastructure upgrades...”


BAE Systems logo

Energy Management Lead

“I’ve been really impressed by Aimteq’s project management and communication throughout. They have bent over backwards to ensure smooth project delivery. Furthermore, they are very dedicated and have come back to the site to resolve a few very minor snags.”


KBR logo

Real Estate Services

"We are very happy with the project, not just because we are achieving our desired outcomes, but with the service provided by Aimteq."


A&B Engineering logo


“We selected Aimteq for a number of reasons, not least their tender performance, keenness to do the project and the opportunity for both businesses to develop a working relationship. The desired outcomes have absolutely been achieved. Aimteq have now demonstrated they are a perfect partner for A&B Engineering going forward.”


BT Logo

Director of energy & carbon

“The WEMS technology installed by Aimteq has underpinned the success of our smart energy programme at BT. It gives us remote control over the air handling systems and enables us to optimise energy usage. As a result of the proven success, we have now agreed a contract to expand the programme further.”


Go-Ahead group logo

Energy & Environment Manager

"Aimteq installed the WEMS system and I have seen my energy consumption drop by over 40%. If the system gets overridden, Aimteq work with our sites to resolve the problem and turn the system back to auto control. This maintains our environmental conditions and enhances our savings."


DW Sports Fitness Logo

Utilities & Property Systems Manager

"For us, technology must be a safe investment, must not affect the customer experience in our fitness centres, and must go on in the background so as not to cause distraction or disruption. For these reasons, Aimteq’s installation of a wireless solution such as the WEMS one made perfect sense."


Stagecoach UK Bus Logo

Director of Safety, Health & Environment

“Another reason we opted for the Aimteq solution was the bureau service, which meant we could delegate the controls to an expert, who could remotely optimise energy consumption across all sites on an ongoing basis.”


G4S logo

Operations Director, Carbon & Energy Solutions

"We have used Aimteq on many sensitive government buildings and projects. At these locations, discretion, along with sensitivity towards the environment and the building occupants is paramount. As such, disruption in these areas must be kept to a minimum. We have found Aimteq to be a progressive company in their approach to not only building controls, but in the suggestion and implementation of energy improvements to building controls."


Colt logo

DCS Incident Manager

"When Colt started to expand beyond London in the late 1990s we needed some form of building management technology to support our remote sites and deliver alarms to a central server. Today we have scores of sites and Aimteq has been an excellent support partner throughout our evolution. We have almost day-to-day interaction with Aimteq and regular reviews with their team."


Matalan Logo

Environmental Manager

"Matalan has made the commitment to have the WEMS system installed by Aimteq in all our retail outlets. The installed stores have shown a considerable reduction in energy consumption of circa 18% and this is reflected in our energy bill which has decreased dramatically since implementation."


Boots logo

Head of Engineering

“Aimteq take responsibility to not only lower the costs of running a retail estate – but they bring a ‘can do’ attitude that is refreshing in the market place. By constantly investing in the R&D of their product suite, they bring innovation and creativity into our estate.”


Tui logo

Facilities, Contracts & Energy Manager

"Over the 61 sites we’ve seen a 32.92% drop in our consumption, which translates to a considerable saving on our energy spend and correlates well with our sustainability policy. Further to that, the experience dealing with Aimteq was seamless from start to finish."


Pizza Hut logo

Energy Manager

"The bureau offers fantastic customer service, and importantly, is operates 24/7; longer than any of the bureau services we researched. We get through to a real person straight away and changes are made quickly."


Debut logo

Project Manager

“…please pass on my thanks to your engineer for the call out. He was persistent and got a resolution and was happy to explain the problem as he went along. Excellent service.”